Gate Japan was established in March of 1992 as a wholesaler of peripherals for the Macintosh computer. Today, we are one of the major distributors of computer peripherals in Japan.

We handle more than 15,000 items for the PC and Macintosh platforms from the world's leading manufacturers and supply more than 400 major computer and electronic retailers.

In addition to supplying the Japanese market with domestically produced equipment and components, we also import cutting-edge equipment from our foreign partners.

For foreign companies interested in selling their products in Japan, our nation-wide distribution system can supply your products to the Japanese market place quickly and efficiently. And our direct customer support services guarantees customer satisfaction.

We also work with foreign software developers to localize software for the Japanese marketplace, and provide direct technical and trouble shooting support to end users.

Working together, we can help you establish a name for your product in Japan and achieve your marketing goals efficiently, and in a cost effective manner.

If you are interested in our services or you have any inquiries, please write to:

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